Relaxing Holiday in Desaru Coast, Johor!

When we say about going on a vacation, everyone must be hyped-up, right? Especially, it has been awhile since your last holiday. And it’s getting worse when you see your friends uploading their pictures in social media traveling here and there and even abroad. You will be super jealous, don’t you?

So yes, if we cannot go oversea, we can always travel within our own beautiful country. Really, Malaysia has a quite number of wonderful travel destinations that are great and well-known too.

For example let’s take a closer look at the Desaru Coast, Johor. The latest destination and attractions in the south of Malaysia, it will be the destination where you can enjoy a relaxing holiday with your loved ones.

hard rock hotel desaru coast

Luxury hotel in Desaru Coast

At Desaru Coast, you will have various choices of the best accommodation you could choose from. The Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast and The Westin Desaru Coast Resort are among the best hotel in Desaru Coast. Both are not only offers luxury, they also offers best experience for those who traveling with families.

The most important thing during travel is a comfortable room, right? Especially when you are travelling with children or you bring your parents as well. If possible, the room must have a living room for the convenient. Here, you can get what you wish for!

Best food experience

For a six-star hotel like Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast, the food served without any doubt are delicious! And it’s ready to be dine-in in the room, if you want too! Also, if you are tired of having fun on the waterpark, you can order food and request for dine-in in the room whenever you like.

For the sake of going on vacation, you must expect a good meal. So, you do not have to worry about going to Desaru Coast because there are so many choices of food and everything is superb. Starting from breakfast to dinner. All are best served for you!

Desaru Coast Adventure Waterpark

Most importantly, when you plan to come to Desaru Coast you should not be afraid of water. You’ll regret it later when you cannot play a variety of water games at Desaru Coast Adventure Waterpark with an area of ​​about 21 acres and world-class waterpark category. Here got so much games that you might not can play it all.

At Desaru Coast Adventure Waterpark there are about 5 Game Zones including Penawar Falls, Penawar River, Shipwreck Reef, Tidal Wave Beach and Kids Ahoy. Interesting fact is the Tidal Wave Beach Desaru Coast is among the largest in the world ever!

A bonus and a bit extraordinary for you is because the Desaru Coast is very close to the beach. Not like any other waterpark in Malaysia where there is always near to a central city or forest. So, if you feel tired of playing the waterpark, you can take a walk to the beach.