Reasons Why You Should Get the Shaves2U Awesome Trial Kit

Shaves2U is a company in Malaysia that sells shaving products such as razors and shaving cream. Instead of owning a physical store to buy their products, Shaves2U delivers them right to your doorstep.

I’ve heard about their trial kit and how it only costs RM6.50 to start the subscription plan, but today I would like to talk about another Shaves2U deal that isn’t as popular: the Awesome Shave Kit (ASK).

Yes, the ASK isn’t as cheap as the trial kit, but I think it has its benefits as well. Here’s my list of benefits of the ASK:

It has the aftershave cream

That’s right, Shaves2U does have aftershave cream but it’s only available in the ASK! Trial kit users won’t have any experience with this product unless you order the ASK.

The aftershave cream helps cool your skin and replenishes any lost moisture after shaving. It also leaves a light and refreshing scent to keep you fresh through the day.

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You don’t have to sign up for a subscription plan

It’s normal to get hesitant when someone asks you to sign up for a monthly subscription service. It’s similar to a long-time commitment that most people aren’t ready for.

I personally think it’s perfect for people who are curious about Shaves2U and their services. You get to get a full shaving kit and there’s no commitment. If you’re really satisfied with it, you can sign up for the monthly trial kit.

It comes with swivel handle

There’s another special item that only the ASK offers: the swivel handle. While trial kit users have the premium handle, ASK customers are given another type of razor handle.

Compared to the premium handle, the swivel handle is more flexible. It can follow the contours of your face to the smoothest finish, giving you the best shaving experience.


Personally, I ordered the ASK first before signing up the trial kit. It gave me a chance to test Shaves2U’s product fully committing and I have no regrets. I hope my experience will help others in making their decision.