5 Reasons to Choose An SUV Over A Sedan

In recent years, Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) genres of car enthusiasts have risen significantly compared to a Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV) and normal sedan car especially in Malaysia. Lately many people choose to buy an SUV car in particular 7 seater SUV Malaysia as a family vehicle.

This evident is from the increase in SUV sales of about 7 percent since 2017 and a research results show that Malaysian customer choose 7 seater SUV Malaysia cars for a number of reasons, ranging from spacious interior design to exterior designs that look tough and the ability to devour various road conditions.

Actually, if we dig deeper, the needs and wants of a consumer on an SUV are very diverse. Buyers of the ‘nowadays’ SUV are no longer buying cars because of their looks. They value the SUV because of its flexibility, connectivity and convenience, more than just off-road and power capabilities.

There is a wide range of options ranging from low SUVs, compact SUVs, crossovers which are cross-picked crosses or sedans with SUVs, medium SUVs, full-size SUVs, premium SUVs, luxury SUVs or any other manufacturer’s terms. But, here are 5 reasons why people choose to buy an SUV car over Sedan car.

7 seater SUV Malaysia


First and foremost is to determine the purpose of your purchase of an SUV. Consideration of course is personal needs and tastes. SUVs that have three rows of passenger seats such as the Mitsubishi Outlander can accommodate up to seven people, especially with upholstery that can be folded up flat so as to facilitate entry access to the third line. However, if you just need a car to drive your kids to school, it does not seem like you have to buy an expensive, large-sized SUV, full-featured off-road and others.

But you might choose a compact SUV which still able to accommodate enough space while carrying the family. Of course, it is because SUV has large storage location and baggage capacity to carry your luggage compared to normal Sedan cars. Not to be missed is the puddle or flood that often occurs during the rainy season is also easier to pass by the SUV.

Larger dimensions

When not carrying a lot of passengers, the third and second row seats can be folded so that the storage capacity of luggage in the trunk is larger than the sedan or hatchback. Basically SUVs are divided into three categories, namely compact, mid-size and full-size. Choose an SUV with a size that suits your body size and needs. You do not have to choose a full-size SUV while you use more on a narrow street.

Capacity issues, all SUVs were designed for at least five passengers. Even for the mid and full-size categories there are two to three extra seats available to accommodate seven or eight passengers. All SUVs offer a double-seats that can be folded to increase luggage capacity. When the seats are folded, cargo space can double up. Goods on the SUV can be increased by utilising the roof-rack at the top.

Features Held

The current consumer is very smart and very good in decision making. They not only chose a car just because of the display. They always pay attention to the standard features available from an SUV. Most compact SUVs are not too luxurious. They maximise the audio system and leather seats for passenger comfort. But small SUV is more geared towards practicality.

The above categories certainly offer more complete features that are equivalent to luxury sedans. And they also pay attention to other features such as sensors that can help during parking which will certainly be helpful, dual-zone air conditioning to set different AC temperatures between driver and passenger side, hands-free phone connectivity, flexible back seat settings, etc.

SUVs are compatible with road conditions in Malaysia

By driving a SUV car, it allows the driver to go to various places that have various street fields. Generally, the SUV car is quite reliable when it has to go unevenly. It can be relied upon in flood or flooded roads and a puddle of water that often appears on the surface of the road. The SUV car has ground clearance that is able to get rid of the puddle.

There are still many unpaved roads, especially in rural and remote areas. Some of these areas have roads with muddy or rocky soil. It’s not possible to use a sedan car in the area, right? Whereas with SUV cars, muddy and rocky terrain can be skipped easily.

SUV looks Cool or more “Macho”

In addition to functionality, people also consider car design issues. The SUV comes with a macho and gentle look. Can be seen from the Fortuner and Pajero designs that are totally mesmerising. SUV will make you look cool and luxurious when driving this car since every SUV car has a firm and sharp body line that makes it look cool.

As a family leader, we must rely on our daily practical use. Most importantly, when buying a vehicle for a family. Bring all family members and test drive together because the decision lies in the hands of all your family members while their safety is on your shoulders alone. It seems fun to travel by car SUV, huh? Although the price is quite expensive, but worth it for a variety of trips.