Top Talents Retention Strategies

The Nightmare

Imagine, one day when your best employee decides to abdicate from the company. The whole thing has left you feeling confused as the question ‘why’ is upon your mind the whole day.

Most organizations will have to bear the cost of the employee retention. For instance, losing an employee means you would need to recruit a new one. This concludes the training time and investment, knowledge, and more.

But fret not, Jobstreet Malaysia is always available for your use whenever you need to find another employee. As for now, let’s go through some guidelines on how to keep them when you have them.

Communication is A1

This is a very important part of the whole relationship between employers and employees. It creates zero gaps in interaction and transparency. When this has been applied throughout, your employee will not be afraid to speak up or even share with you on their opinions on a project or their goals in the workplace.

Be a coach instead of manager

When you become a coach to your employees, you empower them, give them the tools as well as authority needed to execute their responsibilities. The key is to be accessible and be open to solving any problem that may or may not arise. It can even be further to brainstorming the next steps for the project. This will motivate them further not just as your team member, but as an individual.

Let them grow

When you are reviewing their profiles on Jobstreet, look through their other interests and skills. Make it a priority to scan through the internal environment which can potentially be grown to a new level. In fact, they need to know that there is a chance for them to grow and improve their skills in the company.

Tangible rewards

Apart from the bonuses, think of something fresh. How about a lunch or dinner on the company as a spot on the award? Or a day off the following day for them? There are many ways you can make your employees happy and feel appreciated when rewards are being earned. Words can just be words, but actions can mean so much more than that.

Keep them or Lose them!

If you do follow the steps given above simultaneously, there is a high chance to retain your good employees. Unless they decide to leave, they would know the growth options that are available in the company. Visit for more info!