Build your business with less capital

Normally, many believe that to start doing anything, as small as any kind of business, there is a need for capital. Can someone start a business even though he has no money?

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When people say they cannot start a business because they do not have much money, actually, there are many ways to do business without spending a lot of money. Sometimes, you can start a business without any money as an initial capital. But how to build a business with less capital? Here’s the ways.

Start a business from home

Many people start a business from home so you can save your rental cost. Do not follow other people who are passionate about having a large office at the beginning of the business. Nowadays, you can always use shared office or coworking space such as Common Ground Malaysia as your workplace.

Start a part-time business

This is the easiest and most convenient way to start a business in the absence of money. Don’t quit your work to give full attention to the business you want to run. Just make it as a part-time first. With the salaries you earn for living and other needs, including a small amount of spending on business ideas, you can slowly build your business.

As long as you can divide the time and do not run away from the responsibilities given in the work of salary, there is nothing to worry about.

Create a service business based on existing skills

Think of what personal skills you have or types of skills that can help others who need it. Most importantly, you may have the skills of the previous experience that makes you more efficient than others. There are many skills available in the market. Usually it is closely related to service activities rather than physical products. Perhaps, you have the skills to manage a business account.

Many small companies cannot afford to keep their employees updated for their business financial information. Such companies need the skills you have. It’s easiest if the company belongs to a friend you know so you can immediately start the business.

Make an exchange of goods or services

Create a concept of goods or services. Find the equipment or goods you need to start the business or offer any goods or services that the owner needs. For example, maybe you need a lawn mower to start cutting grass. Of course, there are people who own the machine and rarely use it. Normally your will have a neighbour’s house which is quite old. You can go to offer lawn mowing around their home to clean for free by using their machines. The exchange is you will save and use their lawn mowers.

Find a way, not excuses

We have provided 4 ways to start a business without capital. There may be many other ways that people have given. And you know it yourself. But it’s all useless if you still do not move. You will not to know the one thousand ways to start a business without capital, if you do not try it. So, good luck!