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Obtaining a smartphone is not only about choosing models from a brand name you like. Place the marketing fluffs aside, there are plenty of aspects to look at to make certain that the device is a value buy and not just cause annoyance every day you have it. As such, here are a few of the features that you should consider before you make a purchase.

Operating System. The operating system of one’s smartphone is a crucial feature. Do you like to get a lot of choices, many models in numerous price tags from various brands like Samsung, Vivo or Huawei? Google Android will be the OS you must have! Do you rather prefer Apple’s sleek design and user-friendly interface? Then the iPhone is the way to go.

Screen Size. Nowadays, we use smartphones for more than just making a call. As a faster connection to the internet and better quality of multimedia, we spend plenty of time looking at the screen to view videos on Youtube or Netflix. At this stage, a bigger display size comes in handy. By way of example, smartphones like Vivo NEX 3 have huge screen size you’ll like.


Display quality. In terms of display, the screen brightness and color quality actually matter even more than resolution. The next occasion you allow any new smartphone a shot in the store, focus on its brightness. This is especially important once you go outdoor quite a lot. Plus, just recognize that AMOLED defeats LCD!

Camera! One of our smartphone’s main function is to capture and record what’s happening each moment. Plus, there is no question seeing that better picture quality gets you more post engagement. Don’t fret within the megapixel, instead try to look for aperture and special features – such as, Vivo‘s smartphones go along with a dual camera that creates stunning images.

An excellent smartphone should have not less than 32GB of internal storage space. If you are taking pictures with your smartphone frequently, your phone storage might get full within weeks. If you enjoy superior quality pictures and download videos via the internet, you can expect to use up all your storage in approximately Two or three weeks. If you are using an iPhone, you can’t extend your storage capacity using external memory cards. If you are using Android phones, you’ll be able to usually add memory cards, depending on the model of the smartphone.

Your battery lifespan is necessary too. Can your phone battery go on for a minimum of a day of ordinary usage? Do not forget that a phone which has a dead battery can be as good as being an expensive paperweight. We suggest at the minimum 3,000 mAh. Anything not as much as that, you will be constantly seeking charging ports. The huge battery capacity is vital to allow for the rising display size and frequent internet usage. Another battery killer is definitely the GPS function in smartphones nowadays. Alternatively, you’ve got to use a power bank together with you which is not great.

Each person has different needs, so sometimes the extra features may be necessary sometimes for you personally. If you’re an advanced user and don’t mind paying a premium for convenience, you can look for phones that support wireless charging or fingerprint scanner phone unlocker. Some smartphones are also able to double up as a screen projector or perhaps a VR display.

Concerning searching for a smartphone that won’t burn a hole in the bank, how about go for our underrated cheap smartphones that certainly hold its weight in the smartphone industry. With the own innovative technology with really low prices, the primary players of Samsung and Apple will unquestionably be cautious of who could hanging onto their coattails.

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