Best Coworking Spaces to think about in KL & Selangor

Top Coworking Spaces in Malaysia for Solo Entrepreneurs

Work culture plays a crucial role in shaping the company. Factors for instance such as beliefs, surrounding, and attitudes will impact on the work culture that’s going to unveil the very best of employees as well as organization. However, the working culture is invariably changing and evolving in accordance with time. Freelancing and digital nomad culture are becoming popular, which has a big difference against the traditional way we take into consideration the working lifestyle. To serve these new trends, coworking spaces are starting insight throughout the globe.

Folks who desire a co-working space aren’t going to be disappointed with the wide range of choices found in the Klang Valley area. There are many shared offices for you to select all around the area which could fit the working style.

Among the coworking spaces, we’re featuring is Colony @ KLCC. Colony’s mission is to always revolutionize their customer’s work experience. Along with the digitalized marketplace, Colony’s objective is to help you feel more in your own home. Also, this serviced office is compact in the center of Pavillion and KLCC.

Common Ground

Colony can be described as a coworking space that echoes much the same ambiance of an office. However, unlike an office, it runs using a serviced basis, forming a virtual office. Colony provides work areas including coworking desk space and also a personalized space for your very own company. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is crucial, hence you can relieve your stress of our own Sky Gym, alongside the pool. Also, we even offer you a nap room and massage room for days where working isn’t an option. Besides that, they provide an event rental space.

Also, you can consider Common Ground which is also in Kuala Lumpur. The actual concept behind this business is to hook up with people with common goals. The moment you surround yourself with others, uncover more skills and a lot more chances happens. Common Ground will be starting up more offices locally and in foreign lands at the same time.

The Common Ground Coworking space offers a variety of services. They value their customers very significantly and put their customers more than anything else. This virtual office space allows your imagination to run wild. Once you enter Common Ground, you will be via this cohesive community. Moreover, you will be given access to our Common Ground (CG) App that connects you to other members just a click. Also, sometimes they host programs to showcase additional skills as well as learning from though others.

Worq. Space is another coworking space located within Glo Damansara, TTDI. Their mission is simple. They would like to grow their customer’s work productivity by providing them with fantastic services. Worq. Space aims to give a base for growth, to promote diversity, as well as build long-lasting associations.

Worq. Space has everything that any customer ever wanted. Be it their selection of hotdesk, shared, or private office in which a customer chooses, a range of services can still be enjoyed across the office. Cozy spots, bottomless food, and gym are to name the few, there are a lot more benefits that Worq. Space offers to keep a smile on the customer’s face.

At this point we have now gone over with you three coworking spaces, you’re able to finally make up your mind on where the final decision would go for. To proceed, visit,, and