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    4 Things to do When You Get a New Phone

    Getting a new smartphone is always an exciting experience. Whether it’s your first phone, or if you’re replacing an old one, using a new phone is like getting a new toy, but for adults. We know you’re excited to try out your new phone, but there are things you should do before you download apps into your phone and start using. Here’s our checklist of things you should do when you get yourself a new smartphone: Apply a screen protector The screen of a smartphone is one of the most fragile parts of the device. They are also usually the most expensive. They can crack if you drop them from…

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    An Overview of the Greatest SUV and Pickup Truck from Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia

    Drive Mitsubishi, Drive Your Ambition A Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) is commonly chosen as a family car as it can have a capacity for approximately 7 people. One other selection for a family car is pickup truck. It has a large space for passengers and goods storage space. If you are looking for a reputable SUV Malaysia or pickup truck for your family, Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia has what you want. Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia since 2015 Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia started in 2005. They brought various high-performance vehicles to Malaysia which allow us to have fun, pleasure, and secure feeling traveling. As of 2018, they feature 3 types of models namely ASX,…

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    Relaxing Holiday in Desaru Coast, Johor!

    When we say about going on a vacation, everyone must be hyped-up, right? Especially, it has been awhile since your last holiday. And it’s getting worse when you see your friends uploading their pictures in social media traveling here and there and even abroad. You will be super jealous, don’t you? So yes, if we cannot go oversea, we can always travel within our own beautiful country. Really, Malaysia has a quite number of wonderful travel destinations that are great and well-known too. For example let’s take a closer look at the Desaru Coast, Johor. The latest destination and attractions in the south of Malaysia, it will be the destination…

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    Reasons Why You Should Get the Shaves2U Awesome Trial Kit

    Shaves2U is a company in Malaysia that sells shaving products such as razors and shaving cream. Instead of owning a physical store to buy their products, Shaves2U delivers them right to your doorstep. I’ve heard about their trial kit and how it only costs RM6.50 to start the subscription plan, but today I would like to talk about another Shaves2U deal that isn’t as popular: the Awesome Shave Kit (ASK). Yes, the ASK isn’t as cheap as the trial kit, but I think it has its benefits as well. Here’s my list of benefits of the ASK: It has the aftershave cream That’s right, Shaves2U does have aftershave cream but…